December 11, 2009

Darling Photos

Here are some beautiful wedding pictures where I was the day-of wedding coordinator.
{click on image to enlarge}
 To view my latest weddings, please follow my facebook page~ OneDarlingDay 

*Laurel and Brett~ Funky Junk Farms ~May 2010
{photos by: Keith Nelson Photography}

*Lauren and David~Los Angeles River Center and Gardens~May 2010{photos by: Gavin Photography}

*Karla and Byron~Coco Palm Restaurant~July 2010{photos by: DK Wedding Photography}

*Diana and Andrey~Monrovia Historical Museum~ July 2010{photos by: them too photography}

*Mary and Paul~Pasadena Masonic Temple~July 2010{photos by: Garrett Davis Photography}

*Emery and Brian~South Coast Botanic Garden~August 2010
{photos by: Erin Leppo Photography}

*Nathasha and John~Sportsmen's Lodge~August 2010
{photos by: Robert Paetz Photography}

*Allison and Fred~Castle Green Pasadena & Royal Palace Banquet~September 2010
{photos by: Blue 22 Photography}

*Irina and Dmitriy~The Westin Pasadena~September 2010{photos by: Sean J. Mason Photography}

*Trysta and Ryan~Orcutt Ranch~October 2010
{photos by: Lindsay Calmettes Photography}

*Ani and Tom~Taglyan Cultural Center~October 2009{photos by: Next Exit Photography}

*Belinda and Scott~Los Angeles Union Station~February 2009
{photos by: Duke Photography}


  1. oooooh Can't wait for this....I'd hire you to help me w/ planning! XoXo

  2. This wedding was amazing....And I saw all the hard work you put into it the day that Bel wouldn't have to worry. The wedding was in great organized hands. You truly are a VIRGO!

  3. So proud of you! You're a natural at this beacuse you have an amazing eye for design. Maybe one day you can plan... my divorce party!

  4. Your funny Paola, no divorce party, just a big puffy dress for you. Thanks for your support though.

  5. you're going to do my wedding - even if it is just at the courthouse.

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